A Professional Steam Cleaning Service Has arrived in Great Britain

Our Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning home

Residential Cleaning

Here at Blue Sky Steam Cleaning we offer a complete range of professional  kitchen cleaning and we will also breathe new  life into your floors, carpets, kitchens, bathrooms . You name it, we can steam clean it.

Our specialist service is to offer a one stop shop  whilst carrying out specialist cleaning in your home. or in stages if it suits  your budget or your busy schedule .

We are based in Tunbridge Wells, we cover the south east of England and we are willing to travel further if our specialist professional services are vitally required .

Our Pure steam cleaning equipment if required also have  the facilities to apply biological cleaning treatments prior to the steam cleaning process and are all safe and do not contain any dangerous harmful chemicals and are not toxic and do not contain any carcinogenic chemicals or have heavy  PH levels .

Steam cleaning commercial property

Commercial Cleaning

We always knew the power of steam and at Blue Sky we are turning the power of steam to effectively deep clean a wide range of commercial applications such as Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Medical Centres and Vet surgeries, Schools, Leisure centres and much more.

We provide effective commercial cleaning to the businesses in and around Tunbridge Wells.

In our commercial Kitchen, assertive pre-steam de-greasing methods are safe to use in the environment of a commercial restaurant if needs be we can breakdown long term heavy dirt and grime  with biological cleaning liquids which do not contain any dangerous harmful chemicals and are not toxic and do not contain any carcinogenic chemicals or have heavy PH levels.We also have a range of plastic blades and tools (recycled plastic) and copper coated abrasive scourers for the careful lifting grease and congealed deposits.The high temperature of our commercial kitchen cleaning machines sanitise all the areas  steam cleaned.

Cartoon steam cleaner

STEAM Clean It

If it can be cleaned, then we can probably steam clean it. If you are looking for effective deep cleaning, then why not give us a call and find out if we can help.Our services are available  in the towns and villages surrounding Tunbridge Wells and we offer a service for the south east of England .

The natural products used and if required to breakdown certain stains and heavy traffic carpet cleaning lanes or Kitchen and Bathroom deep clean sessions are rigorously tested for effectiveness and compliance to all EC regulations. Our products are non-toxic, low-impact and regularly outperform synthetic chemical cleaning products.

Why us?

A single litre of water creates more than 1400 litres of cleaning steam vapor this means your paid for water consumption
is greatly reduced to clean your carpets and floors.

Steam cleaning can reduce allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and pollen and other contagious conditions.

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